Secure your beautiful smile with dental veneers

Secure your beautiful smile with dental veneers

Is your broken tooth still holding you back from flashing a beautiful smile? Are invasive and painful dental procedures stopping you from a dental visit? Worry not. Non-invasive and painless dental veneers are here to help you regain your beautiful smile.

Also known as Porcelain veneers, Dental Veneers Toronto are the best method to cover up your dental deformities. These are custom-made and are a sound substitute for your natural teeth. Also best at resisting stains, dental veneers guarantee an all-white and natural look for your chipped teeth.

While dental veneers are the easiest and painless artificial teeth alternatives, dental implants and dental bridges also bring in the best results. Read more here to understand how dental implants work.

Continue reading the article to understand everything about dental veneers and why this procedure is regarded the best.

What is a dental veneer?

Dental veneers are custom-made ceramic shells, which are bonded to the teeth. They are strong and resist stains. People opt for dental veneers if they have worn, chipped, stained or misaligned teeth. They are also best at hiding the gaps between the teeth.

The dental veneer procedure takes nearly three to four sittings. At the initial visit, the dentist assesses the smile and takes impressions of the teeth to make the wax models. Enough photographs are also taken to perfect the final design.

The second visit involves taking the final teeth impressions and making a minimal model. Temporary veneers are bonded in the second visit, which might require local anesthesia during the procedure. These temporary veneers are removed in the third visit and replaced with custom-made dental veneers. The step also includes additional steps if the patient demands custom shading.

The fourth and final sitting involves evaluating and adjusting minor corrections of the dental veneers.

Dental veneers require extreme care, just like natural teeth. Here is how dental veneers need to be taken care of.

Dental veneer care routine

  • Dental veneers should be brushed and flossed regularly. This is to avoid staining the teeth and the formation of cavities under the veneers.
  • Avoid biting hard food like nuts or crispy food items. Biting nails can also result in the chipping of veneers. Dentists recommend wearing a nightguard to protect veneers from involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth.
  • Pay a visit to your dentist for regular maintenance of veneers. The veneers normally have a life of up to ten years if proper care is given. To a great extent, avoiding hard foods can protect dental veneers from chipping or breaking off.
  • The dentist also recommends bleaching your teeth before veneer preparations. This step can align the entire look of the teeth. As dental veneers cannot be bleached, ensure that your dentist takes this crucial step at the initial stages.

Dental veneer recommendations

Dental veneers are usually made of porcelain, and various compositions are available to meet the different demands of the patients. While aesthetics demand is the paramount factor, materials that help you with the Para functional needs are also widely in demand. Your dentist is the best to recommend your suitable types. Here are three dental veneers popular in the market.

  • Zirconia porcelain is one of the strongest veneer materials. But unfortunately, these lacks aesthetics and often fall short of looking natural.
  • Feldspathic porcelain is the best-looking dental veneer. Lack of strength is its biggest drawback.
  • Dental composite veneers are also popular and are regarded as the most affordable veneer material.

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